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I’ve lived thousands of lives.

I’ve battled Demons and Death Stars.

I’ve seen nebulas explode and races made extinct .

I’ve controlled people with only my thoughts and seen armoured warriors fight to the end.

I’ve flown spaceships through dying stars and seen my children grow old.

I’m a role-player and proud.

You know role-playing gets a bad rap.

Really it does.

For some bizarre reason the cool kids in primary school used to mock the role-playing kids…and some religious organisations seem to think it’s full of satanic worshipers in robes n shit.

Well do you know what? I’ve role-played since I was 12 years old. It’s the single greatest hobby I have ever had. It teaches you to think fast, work as a team, use your imagination, engage with others on different levels, put yourself in someone else’s shoes and to grow and learn.

I first began role-playing with my mate Stew. He introduced me to Traveler. A stunning sci-fi game set in the past filled with aliens and new worlds. I’ll never forget that first game being stuck on a roof having only a big handled six-shooter and rolling dice to see if my shots took down the two strange creatures attacking me. It opened up a whole new world.

Following that we created a team myself, Stew, Tommy, Sav, Bidge and Dougie. We used to meet at one of our houses on a Sunday morning at around 8am and play. Over the years other people got involved Louise, Dave, Ross, Garry to name but a few.

Sometimes the campaigns lasted months and other times a fatal mistake would wipe out the team in seconds.

I guess I should explain what it is? Role-playing is like acting and video games and movies all rolled into one and uses your imagination. The GM is the games master, your eyes and ears of the world you are in. He is every character you meet and is the storyteller of that world.

You the players, create characters based on the rules of the game. For instance in Dungeons & Dragons you can choose between a human bard or an elven archer or a dwarven warrior. In Star Wars you can become a Jedi of a smuggler. In Mechwarrior you could become a mech pilot and control 10 metre tall fighting machines.

Anyone can play. All you need is a pad, a pen, two or more people, the game rules and imagination. It’s the ultimate game.

I still play occasionally in Australia but I find it tough to play without my mates from the UK. It kinda feels like I’m cheating on them when I team up with people where I am now.

Every Sunday from 8.30am till about 5pm. From aged 12 till I came to Australia aged 29.

I miss those Sundays every single day.

I miss the feeling of camaraderie.

The in-jokes ‘it’s empteeeeee’.

I miss the exhilaration of an amazing campaign.

But most of all I miss you guys. I miss you Stew with your amazingly rich campaigns, I miss you Sav and your devious schemes, I miss you Tommy and your no-nonsense characters, I miss you Dougie and your moments of sanity and I miss you Bidge and your batshit mental characters.

I know we have grown up and many of you have families now but I know you still play. Most Sundays.

And there isn’t a Sunday goes by where I don’t wish I was sitting on the floor next to you guys rolling dice, eating crap food, carrying on, rubbing out stats on character sheets and laughing. So much laughter.

I miss you role-players. I miss my mates…

7 Responses to “Role-Playing”

  1. Aaah…I miss releasing my inner geek through the power of the many-sided dice (with a side of fries and 2L of coke).

  2. Playing Twilight 20100 when it was on the future and didn’t mean vampires……

    • Ah the aforementioned Dougie 😉

      Twilight 2010 was superb. And at the same time it was last year. I remember making characters that were 34 and thinking they were old! How times change!!

  3. i remember an empty fridge, smelly feet and tams loud laugh.the joys of a role players mum

    • Aye but all you mums kept us fed and let us use your houses to role-play in and that still means the world to all of us.
      Miss you Linda and that awesome son of yours!

      • Hey Scott we miss you too buddy, every game needs some chaos theory… We still play although mostly on Wed nights now. Savs still ruthless and Stews still relentless but them games are awesome

      • Ah Texas T! Black Gold!

        You miss my randomness huh? Like conjuring up a crow and plummeting to my death 😉

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