Uncle Kenny

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Life just took hold of me and thanks to work and moving apartments and a whole bunch of other stuff I have been sadly missing from this blog.

Today though I felt like I really need to put some words down on screen.

I want to talk about my Uncle Kenny McLachlan. Along with my parents he is the person who has inspired me the most to be who I am.

He died a number of years ago not long after his wife. He died of a broken heart. Every time I saw him look at my Auntie Isabel it was as if he was seeing her for the first time. The pair of them were amazing and I know how much it hurt him when she got Alzheimer’s – seeing the brightest spark dull is something no one should ever see.

Add on top of that the death of his son, my cousin, Kenny from cancer, and you have a lot of heartache. He treated me like a second son always telling me stories, making me laugh and being simply awesome.

He helped instill a lot of values inside me. He taught me to be good to others and to always do the right thing. He taught me to stand up and fight for what you believe and to ‘never let them get you’.

He told me a million and one wonderful stories from his time in World War 2 as a paratrooper to his battle with the Unions against the tyranny of Margaret Thatcher in 80s Britain.

He beat cancer when his wife was still alive but when she passed away he had no one left to fight for and died. There were over 500 people at his funeral. Family, friends, comrades.

I read a poem at his funeral about how we never lose people as long as we remember them.

He went one better and wrote a book before his death. I have it and I want to share it with you so over the next few weeks I’m going to post the whole thing.

Oh and one last thing. He was a communist. Not an Animal Farm style communist but a real one. He believe that everyone was equal and that people should be good to each other, look out for one another and all work towards the common goal of a better planet.

It’s called One Great Vision: Memoirs of a Glasgow Worker

8 Responses to “Uncle Kenny”

  1. Sounds like a good bloke your uncle.

  2. Hi i was reading your uncles story the simmilarities of your Uncle and my life was a bit uncanny I was born in Springburn in a single end 1927 my Dad Harry King was a bookies runner he was a communist I was familiar with the IRA stories having lived in Dublin in the early fifties, I was in the parachute regt in 1946 1948 I went to the Wellfield in the penny rush days I still rememember the mystery riders song ‘We are the mystery riders we come from no where or any Land ‘there was also an older baby than me that died in the single end.Now when I look back to my Springburn days I am thinking,that more people than I can of,lived the same kind of life in those days

    • Henry,

      Thanks for replying to this. I will put up more of the book soon. You may find it interesting to know that Kenny was also in WW2 – and a para. He still had his red beret as far as I remember.

      Thanks you for your comments and that small insight into your life.


  3. Hi Scott,

    Kenny was my Grandfather, (my Mum is Jan). It’s so lovely to read your blog and hear your memories of him. I’d love to hear from you, try and reconnect the clan a bit!

    I hope you’re well,



  4. Hi Scott,

    Kenny was my Grandad, (my mum is Jan). I’d love it if you got in touch ( and maybe we can reconnect the clan a bit! I hope you’re well,



  5. Hi, Scott.

    Just came across your article about Kenny. Kenny was my Great-Uncle. I am Elizabeth, his sister’s grandson.

    We’re a’ Jock Tamson’s Bairns, eh!

    I was too young to go to the funeral, but I heard all about it.

    My Gran let me read her copy of Kenny’s book a number of years ago. He was a wonderful man, as you say. I remember going on trips with him and Aunt Isabel in the VW Camper Van. He was probably the first adult who spoke to me, but not down to me.

    Craig Watt

    • Craig, wow. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. Hello relative!! That’s what I loved about Kenny he never spoke down to anyone and treated everyone equally. Amazing man.

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