So I once met Darth Vader

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I have a story to tell and one that I have just been reminded about after a conversation with my parents in a bid to embarrass me in front of my other half.

I once met Darth Vadar.

Well, actually, that’s a complete lie. I once saw Darth Vader.

Let me explain.

When I was five my dad took me to see Star Wars. The moment the Star Destroyer takes over the whole of the screen took my young breath away and gave me my love of cinema and movies. That point where the battle kicks off in the Corellian Corvette as the Rebels fight the Stormtroopers made my young eyes pop and then suddenly, there on screen was the most terrifying image to haunt a young kids brain – Darth Vader.

All black, with bleeping lights, and a voice that penetrated a five year old to the core scaring me so much. On the giant screen in the Dennistoun cinema in Glasgow my young heart skipped a beat and the most evil man in the universe walked on.

The next time you see him he is choking someone. Chocking them to death!

Then he chokes someone without even touching them. He had the mother-fucking force!!

Darth Vader

So two years later I go to an event in Glasgow with my parents. It was a home event showing off new things for the decade – the 80s!

I remember holding on to my dad’s hand when he said: “Scott look, there’s Darth Vader”

I froze.

I was six.

I was terrified.

It was Darth Vader.

He was flanked by two Stormtroopers.


I did what any normal boy aged six who had watched the most evil man in the Galaxy kill people with his hands.

I ran.

I ran for my life. I kept running till my dad caught me and asked what was wrong and I said: “He’s the scariest man in the Universe!!.”

My dad told me it was just a movie and that I shouldn’t be scared and that was just a man in a suit (it actually was David Prowse though so that was Darth Vader) and I calmed down.

So yeah, I never met Darth Vader but I saw him and he scared me … a lot.

4 Responses to “So I once met Darth Vader”

  1. Hahahaha!!

  2. It’s amazing how much impact a man in a suit has on people. including myself. I reacted the same, the thing is i was not 6 i was 32

  3. I once interviewed Dave Prowse. By then he was the Green Cross Code man. His green tights were laddered.

    He really wasn’t scary.

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