Scottish Independence

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It’s what separates us from everything else. We have hope. We look to a better future and a better life. It’s what’s makes us human. Without hope we are lost yet with hope we can accomplish anything.

The lack of hope would have Scotland chained to a government that has no interest in appeasing a small selection of its people. However a country filled with hope can see a brighter future and endless possibilities. The Scots are a feisty race.

Throughout history there are countless tales of Scots standing their ground and fighting for what’s right. We care deeply about one another and about our heritage, We speak out for those who need help and our warrior spirit is known throughout the globe.

We may be a small country but we have a fire inside that cannot be culled, it cannot be put out and it cannot be stopped. And that fire is the hope for a new Scotland. A Scotland where we control our own destiny.

The Better Together campaign is failing because it does not understand the fire within the Scots and the hope that fuels that fire. The campaign to keep Scotland part of the United Kingdom is steeped in fear of the unknown and fear of failure.

Scotland, Caledonia, Alba or whatever you want to call it has fought against empires and continues to stand. It’s people do not fear. They fight. And as we head towards the polls it makes me swell with pride to see my people fight back as the auld enemy tries it’s hardest to engulf us.

It’s embarrassing to see Westminster and it’s politicians continue to offer Scotland more and more for it to stay in the union.

Let’s call it what it is shall we: Bribery.

Westminster fears what the loss of Scotland will mean to them and what the loss of the oil deposits will mean to the coffers of the British establishment.

The Scottish don’t take bribes, they fear nothing and they have hope so bring on the Referendum and let Scotland decide it’s own future!

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    With hope in our hearts and mind lets deliver a big yes now Scotland !

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