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Kickstarting a new wardrobe

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I’m a sporadic clothes buyer and I tend to stick with what I know. I’ve been buying Ben Sherman shirts, socks, belts, shows, waistcoats and more for years. They suit my shape and I’ve always found the quality great.

I buy Adidas Star Wars trainers cause I’m a tad geeky and because they are unusual and stand-out. I like that. They are also damn comfy. Plus I grabbed a nice Star Wars hoodie which is pretty awesome. Plus I have a host of Threadless t-shirts as they are a little different

But some times you have to branch out and I’m doing it by kickstarting my wardrobe. Or at least part of it.

So let’s talk about the projects I’m Kickstarting to make me look and feel a little bit more dapper shall we. My Kickstarter profile is here.

First off let’s start with the 10 Year Hoodie
It’s a gorgeous hoodie made with great materials and backed for 10 years. If it rips, tears or pretty much anything else you just send it back (yup to the US) and they will mend it for free.

I remember when I was a kid and clothes seem to last forever. My parents would always pass them on after you grow out of them. But clothes these days don’t seem to last as long. Sure I have a few things that do seem to last a while but mainly because of a lack of use rather than anything else. Say no to disposable I say!

And you know what two hoodies cost $180 including shipping. That’s $90 each. Or $9 a year which isn’t too bad when you think about it.

Next up is my life of getting fit and with that comes the Radiate Athletics t-shirt.

It’s basically the hypercolour t-shirt of the 2010s but with a use. It takes sweat away fro, your body so you aren’t a sopping mess and it shows you which areas of your body are working hardest when you work out.

Now, I have no doubt this t-shirt will not be useful for me at all except from its ability to wick sweat away. That’s why I’m getting it. I go to my personal trainer twice a week and it would benefit him more but you know what? I love gadgets and this is a gadget t-shirt that I can wear to get rid of sweat and stop my bag smelling that much. How much I hear you ask? Well $45 including shipping so not too bad at all.

Then we have the Nice Laundry sock drawer option.

I love socks. I really do. They are the tyre to your toes. They are the barrier for your trainers or shoes. I love the ranges and the shapes and the colours. Not sure why but I do.

And by golly do I love the socks being made by these guys. I’m torn between which package to take but eventually I settled on the Sock Drawer option. 18 pairs of socks, all of which look delightful, and I can actually take all of my old socks – which are getting on a bit – and give them to charity.

The packs I’m gonna get are: Visionary, Exec and Dreamer. Go on. Have a look at how awesome they are. Right? Wearing those every day would simply make you feel like a god (small one) walking amongst men. Every time you look down and see your socks you would want to stand on the table and shout “see these?? How fucking cool are they?? COOOOOOOOOL!!!” Sorry. I’m just kinda excited about these socks.

And lastly I’m gonna talk about shirts and the Ainste Handcrafted premium luxury handcrafted shirts.

I have a lovey selection of Ben Sherman and Herringbone shirts but the moment I saw these Kaden shirts I was in love. The collarless shirt with the stunning cuffs blew me away and had me kickstarting two right away. I’m actually tempted to ramp up and buy more but it’s not possible 😦 I’d love an option to buy four or six shirts. Hmm maybe I should message them.

Anyway these are four things I’m kickstarting. If you haven’t got involved in kickstarting then I suggest you should.


I want to be in Star Wars Episode 7

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I’m not an actor. One of my best friends is. He’s a legend. Martin Grelis (known as the Easy off Bam guy in Aus but I know him as one of the greatest people I’ve met on this planet).

I’m not good in front of a camera. See me perform on an ABC show. I get shy. I get sweaty. I speak fast and I fumble.

But fuck me do I love Star Wars. It’s just amazing. I’ve met Darth Vader. Well I’ve ran away from him but that counts. I’ve drank with Ewan McGregor (him and Karl Urban are the nicest celebrities people type stuff I’ve met) and talked old Star Wars with him which rocked.

My first film in the cinema was A New Hope.

I’ve seen the originals so many times I’ve lost count and I realize that the next Star Wars movie gives me the tiny tiny tiny possibility to appear in a Star Wars movie.

Could you imagine that? How amazing would that be? That would be the greatest thing ever.

I would take time off work. I would work for free. I would be the extra’s extra and make JJ cups of tea and play him soothing music by the Max Rebo band. Seriously I’m 40 next year and I have one chance to be in a Star Wars movie. I must do it.

So c’mon world give me some hints or advice one what to do!!


Drivers and Cyclists

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In my younger years I was a cyclist. I loved to get on my bike and cycle. It would clear my mind and look at things in new perspectives. I loved the speed and the distance a bike could take you.

I don’t understand joggers though. They screw up their joints and they don’t get too far but this isn’t a rant about joggers it’s about road users.

When I was in primary school I sat my cycling proficiency test and passed. Although I think that all kids did but what I learnt on that school playground set me in good stead for my future days cycling around parts of Scotland.

I always obeyed the road rules. Would wait at traffic lights. Properly signalled. Respected other road users. And, most importantly, I cycled on the road.

I had a road bike therefore I used the road.

I was thin as a rake and loved cycling even after I got my drivers licence.

Today in Australia I have a nice Cervelo that I take out from time to time. I even did the Sydney to Wollongong cycle the year before last and I’m thinking about tackling it again this year to beat my time,

But something about Sydney messes with me in regards to cycling. The majority of cyclists in this town are batshit mental and have no regard whatsoever for other road users, and a lot of them times, for themselves.

I live in a one-way street and the amount of cyclists who cycle up it towards on-coming traffic really pisses me the fuck off. The amount of them who don’t signal. Who weave through traffic. Who seem to think the road is theirs and the pavement is theres also. Who think they own the road is insane!

Oh and cyclists if you are cycling on the road and the pedestrian crossing button bleeps this is not a cue for you to suddenly start cycling again.

On the flip side of this it seems most Sydney drivers believe that cyclists are target practice. I don’t know how many accidents I have seen now with drivers failing to see the cyclist.

Now I’ve heard so many cyclists slam drivers and vice versa but if you all took some fucking time to actually pay attention to ALL road users and all obeyed the traffic laws the world would be a little bit better than it is today.

However, there is one last thing that pisses me off and that’s the decision by the City of Sydney to create what I can only describe as the dumbest mother-fucking decision in the history of stupid to create cycle lanes that begin nowhere and end nowhere.

Not to mention the fact that on a two way road haven a cycle lane on one side that goes in both directions is buttfuck stupid. How the fuck is the cyclist supposed to get from the lane he is cycling in without cycle path to the cycle path across the road and then back when the cycle path stops? I’ve included a picture to explain.

Really dumb cycle path if the cyclist has to cross the road

Sometimes city planners are geniuses and other times they need to stop listening to politicians and just do the right damned thing instead.