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Religious Brainwashing

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Yup…you had to know that at some point I would bring this topic up…

Since I was young I have always believed that no-one should be educated in religion until they are old enough to decide which path they want to chose. And yes this includes by their parents. And if you are going to educate them – whether in schools or at home then I believe that you should teach them EVERY single religion and let them choose.

Woah woah woah calm down. I can already feel a whole bunch of religious people getting ready to call me heretic and burn me at the stake. Hear me out.

If you are raised by Catholic parents the chances of you being a catholic and believing in a catholic god is incredibly high.

If you are raised by Islamic parents the chances of you being a muslim and believing in the muslim god is incredibly high.

And so on and so on and so on.

I live in a world that is brainwashed and believe in a creature, an entity, a something. They have faith in something because chances are they were told by their parents or teachers or the minister or the imam that this is what they have to believe in.

My mother and father are christians. They believe in a god. I don’t. I’m an athiest. I have been since I was 7 years old and the minister at my local Sunday School couldn’t answer my question: “Where does god come from?”. He told me he has always been there. I told him that was a cop out. He told my parents never to bring me back.

I then spent a lot of time reading about many religions and I came to a moment of blinding truth.

There is no god and I live in a world where the majority of people I know believe in something that I can never do…have faith.

Sometimes it feels like I like in a world where they have left the asylum doors open. If I ran around telling people that a giant octopus with the head of a giraffe built the world, gave us life, watched everything we do while craning his awesome neck and then when we died we snuggled up to his feet I would be locked up.

Yet we live in a world where make conscious decisions based on their entity belief.

We live in a world where people judge others based on their entity belief.

We live in a world where people actually make political decisions for the good of the masses based on their belief (with no proof) of a god.

And we live in a world where people kill others for their entity belief.

And the majority of these people are following the path of their parents or what they were taught. Chances are if they were brought up in another country with different parents who believe in a different religion then they too would follow a different religion. That’s brainwashing. Dress it up in any fashion you want but that’s exactly what that is.

Yet every religion teaches tolerance and love. It’s just a shame that some people don’t take the time to read and understand what that actually means.

Instead they use it as a tool for hate. To control. To destroy. As an excuse for power. And that’s a shame because most of the people I know who are religious are wonderful people – but it always makes me wonder who they would be if they were given the choice at a young age to discover religion on their own or learn later in life when they are mature enough to understand.

I know many amazing people who believe in god and in religion. Some of the best and closest people in my life believe and have faith.

I’ll never have it. I’ll never feel that. But I will talk to you about your religion and try to understand why you believe.

Ultimately it’s a person’s choice but I believe the choice is made harder when it is conditioned into you at a young age.