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The Gatherer

In Digital,Poetry on April 21, 2011 by kiltforhire Tagged: , ,

Jacked. Wired. Flowing.
Beige guardians stand proudly,
defending the ether abundance of information.

Glyphs dance evocatively,
across their tawny connection,
leaping to their world caressed by others,
but never fully entered.

The archway basks in a kaleidoscopic glow,
daring neophyte’s to enter it’s realm.
A kingdom of data surrounded by nodal suburbia,
ready to be taken by the virtual crusaders.

Paladins of freedom scouring the digital domain,
in seach of enlightenment and understanding,
of where this new world in it’s luminous state,
will take them today.

They bound over continents in a flicker,
gathering untold hidden treasures,
downloading themselves through chromatic glow,
leaving processed trails in their wake.

They are the knights of truth.
Constructs of their flesh.
Fed by desire to uncover knowledge,
and to execute deception and disinformation.

They are jacked, wired and they flow.