A bad taste in my mouth

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This is a strange rant but allow me to explain where it comes from.
I am a Supertaster. I have more taste buds than your average person and it means there are many things that I cannot eat such as spicy foods, certain vegetables not to mention that I cannot drink wine or whisky (which makes me pretty damned sad being a Scotsman!!) which means it’s a bit of nightmare when I head out for food. Eating out can be a problem when chefs leave certain food off the list of the menu. Nothing worse than finding some beetroot hiding in your burger!
Which brings me to my annoyance at purchasing something recently – An Emma & Tom’s Cherry and Goji berry bar.
Mmm tasty…or so I thought. You see the bar has only 22% dried cherries and 5% dried Goji Berries.
The rest of it was made up of dates (simply disgusting to my taste buds) and raw almonds (ok but not great) and that’s it. Now by my reckoning thats’s 73% of the bar I bought failing to have the ingredients I bought it for.
Now I understand marketing but I’m feeling a tad cheated out of my cherries and my goji berries. But mostly I just can’t stand the taste of dates. They are minging. Totally and utterly minging.
If the bar had said it was a Date and Almond bar then I would have walked away a little bit richer and without such a bad taste in my mouth.

One Response to “A bad taste in my mouth”

  1. hahahaha… i love it. nothing beats honesty.

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