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In 2012 I decided to get fit. I hit the gym, I drank protein shakes and I stayed away from fast food as best as I could and I cut my alcohol intake down but towards the end of November I re-tore my rotator cuff in my shoulder with a nasty 6mm tear.

I also discovered I have calcific tendinitis in my shoulder. I’ll need to get some cortisone injections soon and if they don’t destroy the calcium build ups then I may need some shoulder surgery to get rid of them.

My asthma has been slowly getting worse over the years although my lack of fitness was probably to blame for part of that.

So I decided not make any resolutions this year and simply get on with treating my body the same way I treat most of the material possessions I own.

Over the past few days I’ve watched some interesting documentaries including Food Matters followed by Hungry for Change and lastly with an Aussie documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

Each of them has opened my eyes a little bit more each time to how badly I’ve been treating my body – alcohol doesn’t count cause that shit is awesome – but mostly with kebabs, processed foods, Maccas, the dirty bird and more.

So, the time has come for me to try something new and I’ll be publishing a lot more this year with this blog to kinda keep a record of how it all goes.

I’m gonna juice shit.

I’m gonna eat a bucket load of vegetables and fruit and cut soft drinks and fast good out of my diet (unless I’m slightly tipsy after a night out). I’ll also be cutting out some booze but not all but I’m gonna try and create a life with balance rather than looking at the scales tipped over on one side.

It should be fun but with 40 a couple of years away I figure it’s about time I actually did something about my body rather than pumping my lungs full of steroids to fight my asthma and rather than eating crap most of the time.

I fully intend to stop using my inhalers as much, get back to the gym when my shoulder heals and get fit for fitba (soccer) season.

So, feel free to give me any advice you have or encourage me or simply tell me to stop writing abut this stuff and go back to ranting about shit 🙂

7 Responses to “Nom Nom Nom with a side salad”

  1. Go you!

  2. “it’s about time I actually did something about my body rather than pumping my lungs full of steroids to fight my asthma”

    Good on you love. I wondered why we hadn’t heard from you for a while.

    It is a question of finding something to do daily that not only moves your body but moves your spirit, makes it sing. A bit of a hard ask for any kind of exercise.

    You’d be welcome to come along to one of my Pilates classes on a suck it and see basis. I know what to do about that shoulder…

    • Make it hurt more??? :p
      Don’t know if I’m ready for Pilates yet but you never know. Let me see how this lifestyle change goes and ill get back to you. We do need a catch up though!

      • Nah – make it hurt less. It is Western exercise philosophy that makes us think we have to suffer, to be in pain to look good.

        You can get through this shoulder thing not only in one piece but possibly stronger than before. Just find a different way to do stuff x

  3. Good luck with your new approach to food! I have 20 years on you and relish good food and also enjoy a great glass of red wine! Feeling good when I wake up each morning just makes it all worthwhile. I really believe soft drink is the root of all evils so I wish you good luck. Also enjoyed the story about your lovely old cat – we had two who lived to a ripe old age and miss them dearly. Good luck with everything!

  4. Gab is right big fella, Pilates will get you through the shoulder thing and make you stronger than ever. Has done for me. will help you find someone local (disclosure: my wife owns it).

    And here’s another suggestion: – a lot of us pushing-40-desk-jockeys have gradually been nursed back to fitness with a spot of social paddling with a bunch of friendly, not-fanatic, beer-and-sausage-loving blokes. (disclosure: I go paddling with them)

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