My Google Glasses Rules

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When I woke this morning my feed was full of chatter about Google Glasses. Google’s big man Sergey Brin while talking at TED said that smartphones are emasculating and forcing us all to look down – as a man I look down occasionally in a needed way which got me thinking about what would happen when you wear the glasses and the rules that will need to be enforced.

1. Don’t wear your Google Glasses at dinner/lunch/breakfast if you are sitting with other people. If you think people checking their phone is annoying just wait till people simply stare up to read their latest text.

2. Bathroom etiquette is going to be massive with this one. Don’t wear them at the urinal if you are a bloke. That could end up in fights if people think you are filming their cocks. And for everyone it’s gonna be rude to just record any and all bathroom chatter.

3. No google glasses in the cinema. I don’t want to see little lights in the top corner lighting up around me. SWITCH THEM OFF.

4. I realise that being a citizen journalist is gonna be awesome with these things but I also want you to think about what you upload. Don’t use them for evil.

5. Sex. No. Unless you feel like being kinky and watching that stuff later on…but let’s be honest what if your partner wears them and she puts the video on and all you see is yourself having sex. That’s gonna be weird right? Nobody wants to see the faces they make during sex.

6. In meetings at work. May seem like a good idea but no one will say anything because everyone will be paranoid it will come bite them in the ass.

7. Shower rooms. Hopefully the glasses are waterproof. This does not mean it’s ok to wear them in the gym shower room.

8. Surgeons. Leave my insides inside not outside on the web.

9. Don’t watch porn on them on the way to work. That’s freakin’ weird.

That’s pretty much the main ones for now but I have a feeling I’ll be adding a lot more to the list as time goes on.

Do you have any suggestions where you shouldn’t wear your Google Glasses?

4 Responses to “My Google Glasses Rules”

  1. Only thing is google glasses will be pretty distinct i imagine, knocking alot of those options out, but I do enjoy your blogs sir 🙂

  2. I agree. I think the social norms for these are going to be challenging to overcome. And with so many scenarios not to use them I think it’s going to be challenging for most people to justify the price until they come down to a pair of sunglasses range. But $1000-$1500 to occasionally use them taking pics of the kids? Hot air ballooning? Snake Charming? It’s going to be difficult to sell.

    I’ve seen the reference to the Segway not taking off, but I think of these more as the new bluetooth headset for your phone. Taxi driver, road warrior sales rep? Sure, bluetooth headsets make sense. But most people will not use them as they look awkward hanging from the side of your face. And this will be the same. There will be a small subset where this makes a lot of sense. But not for most.

    Add to that the price for what equates to an extension to a smart phone and it become a non-starter.

    But do I want to try them on, absolutely. Maybe I’ll borrow yours?

  3. Google glass is like the hover board from back to the future. ever since I saw it I wanted one. Something that allows me to pretend I am a cyborg even more? Sold.

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