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A good friend is hard to find

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When I left Scotland I left behind a whole bunch of amazing people. I left behind a group of guys who I would gladly give my life so any one of them could live. The last time I was in Scotland (about three years ago) I dropped in on my mate Stew and although we hadn’t seen each other in three years we had a beer, sat on the sofa and spoke and laughed and ripped the piss out of each other as if we had only been hanging about the day before.

Frienship is a very rare gift. They are the people who are there for you when you are down and who make you smile and laugh. They give you advice. They help you through your life and without them your life is not near as full as it should be.

There are times in life when I have pissed off or upset my friends. There are times when I have probably driven them to tearing their hair out. And there are times when I have been on the verge of losing friends.

I feel like right now that is happening.

There is one friend out there who I hold in an incredibly high-regard.

He is incredibly intelligent and great fun to talk to but on the flip side he a worrier and sometimes far too deadly serious for his own good. He is a lovely person and has helped me through a lot while living in Australia and I like to think that if we had met in another country we would still be friends.

I have, I’m afraid to say, been sadly missing as a friend lately and I’m gonna change that. I’ve already emailed him to say that I’ve been a crap friend lately and that I intend to change that.

Hopefully he understands and accepts the olive branch/white flag/big bit of haggis I’m putting out there.

The richest person in the world is the person who is surrounded by good friends…



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Surry Hills Twitter Beer O'Clock Exchange Superhero Party

The SHTBOX Superheroes

It stands for Surry Hills Twitter Beer O’Clock Exchange.

It stands for fun and good times.

It’s an informal meet of awesome people who use Twitter.

Thanks to SHTBOX I have met so many fucking superb people – you all know who you are 😉

Myself and two legendary characters Mal Damkar aka @maldamkar and Mitch Malone aka @mitchmalone met on Twitter nearly two years ago and decided to catch up in the real world – SHOCK HORROR!! For all I knew both of them could have been killers/stalkers/nerds thankfully it turned out they were just cool motherfuckers. On that first night a few other people turned up including the lovely Emily Wearmouth aka @EmVicW and Mandi Bateson aka @mab397. The first time we all met was so awesome we did it again the next week and more people came…and more people came.

In fact I believe Emily, who met her fiance at SHTBOX, is marrying him this weekend in London!! How cool is that!?

Some weeks we had thirty to forty people turn up at the same location – The Clock Bar in Surry Hills in Sydney (see how Surry Hills fits in to the name. Mal came up with the whole name. He’s a genius that lad).

Sometimes we organised crazy nights of fancy dress. The last one we did was superheroes. Last count there was six Superman. It was amazing. We’re in that picture up there.

Everyone is invited and we only have two rules:
1 – No name badges
2 – No cunts

Simple huh!

Alas I have been sadly remiss in not attending this year. In fact just close to its two year anniversary I seem to have stopped going and I think that this has to change. Starting in May I’m going to revitalise this awesome event with gusto!

It’s time to bring the SHTBOX back. It’s time to round up all the old faces and invite so many new ones.

Let’s get SHTBOX back on the map after Easter!