Chapter IV: A New Hope

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I sit at an impasse.

I feel redundant. I am redundant.

Those words sit heavily on my shoulders. I feel like Atlas. The world around me darkens and my hand shakes ever so slightly as I sign the document that cements the words.

A business decision. Decision made. And like that I’m gone.

But the impasse continues…

I tweet. I blog. I’m the social worker. Not a social worker but the social worker.

The next generation of worker.

My job, my life, everything feels connected to one another. But how do I write about something like this without causing ripples. One affects the other.

I guess today is Day One of something new. New adventure. New beginning…and the hunt for a new job.

It’s funny. On my Twitter account @scottrhodie I have had the term ‘kilt for hire’ as part of my bio for as long as I can remember. I think I had it on my bio from the day I started using Twitter – and earlier this week I use it to create this blog.

Now here I am an actual kilt for hire. Only not literally. Well not unless you dry-clean it after use and look after it and don’t mess up my sporran.

Sorry if this feels like a ramble but my mind is all over the place at the moment. When you are not expecting something like that it kinda smacks you between the eyes and leaves you bewildered.

Hmm, maybe I should do a list?
1) Change information on Linked In

2) Calls out to some contacts

3) Hit the job sites

4) Breakfast

5) Work on some things for the next Digital Citizens event –

6) Twiddle thumbs

7) Update CV

8) Work on side-project business plan

9) Raid fridge and eat something bad for me

10) Slide across tiled floors in socks

11) Shower

12) Make my hair into a mohawk and sing “Danke Shoen”

13) Begin the process of cover letters

14) Play with Pedro, my three-legged cat

15) Crank up some Rolling Stones

16) Lunch. Maybe Surry Hills.

17) Book out two hours to go over that old TV script that me and my mate wrote. It’s damn fucked funny.

18) More job hunting

19) Clean apartment

20) Hit the pub, do SHTBOX (Surry Hills Twitter Beer O’Clock Exchange) for those who haven’t heard of it.

21) Drink

22) Drink

23) Drink

24) Water (very important!)

25) Kebab

26) Two panadol, pint of water and a chocolate bar (prevents hangovers)

27) Sleep

28) Wake up in the middle of the night to stop Pedro scratching under the bed

29) Actually wake up

30) Drink some Irn Bru – the greatest soft drink on the planet

17 Responses to “Chapter IV: A New Hope”

  1. […] a new post, he wrote: “I guess today is Day One of something new. New adventure. New beginning…and the […]

  2. Do all of the above!

  3. Sounds like you’re going through a time of great upheaval. You’re an amazing bloke with a huge amount of talent and charisma. Good luck on your next challenge, whatever it may be. And always feel free to ask for help.


  4. Yeah, the rolling stones. Start with Start me up. then move to Angie…after that you are mine

    P.S. Add the link to the Digital Citizens site…

  5. Indeed, new adventure! In all honesty, these times are some my personal favourites in life – It happened to me and now looking back the “ripples” in my life actually lead me into some of the most exciting opportunities in my life to date.

    Go well!

    Bill Hicks taught us not to take life to seriously!

  6. 31) Do a Charlie Sheen

    Plus, I love the fact that 8) has auto-turned into an emoticon. I think that’s a sign

  7. When this shit happens it is like expecting your first child (not you. a couple).
    Everyone has loads of advice – even the childless ones.

    And it does not matter if the advice is true, only you will walk this path.

    But that won;t stop me from passing on gratuitous advice:
    ‘one door closes… etc’

    And hey, not many people get this many comments on the first blog post.

  8. wow. big news. and a helluva plan you have there mr rhodie. as a 2-time winner in this area, i say, you are not redundant my friend, your role has been made redundant. took me a while to get to that myself, after some initial shock and extended panic and a lot of rambling 🙂 enjoy SHTBOX throuroughly, and remember, as Ms Scarlett says, tomorrow is another day.

    also: lets really catch up again soon ok? 🙂

  9. Hello Scott

    I don’t know you but I like how Tim talks about you. I do know about new beginnings having left a company to join another to have that new one that went belly up in 6 weeks and 4 week out from Xmas, not a very joyous Noel.

    But 3 months on and the silver lining is appearing on those dismal grey clouds. And being married to a Scottish women keeps the spirits high.

  10. You ain’t lived until you’ve been made redundant twice or is it four times these days? Now you get to create a new adventure – well after the drinking and the sorting out the cat bit 😉

  11. Damn! Hard time for you. I’m sure you’ll be right though, you have the right attitude stuff. It’s funny how life works though: a redundancy was the best thing that happened to my career, but that is a conversation for another time.

  12. So sorry to hear that Scott. I’ve been made redundant 3 times, three! And every time I felt shitty but then got an even better job than the one before. So chin up and see this as 1. a chance to have some much needed ‘me’ time for yourself and enjoy Sydney! 2. a door opening to a new and exciting job! Hope you’re ok. Hugs from a chilly UK!

  13. Complete bummer mate. I hope I can share one of those drinks with you.

  14. Hey brother, just saw the news. Not much I can say that you haven’t already thought. Just remember, it’s not as bad out here as it first seems 🙂

  15. Ironically enough your news came to me via the old fashioned communication systems. Franksting told my husband that you’d lost your job.

    I love that you can slide across the tiled floor wearing socks before, during or after singing Rolling Stones songs.

    I am going to flog your blog about. Personally I’d be putting a nice pic of you in the kilt up here and on Twitter. Folk are suckers for a guy in a kilt.

    Bigs hugs to you and to Kat x

  16. Hi Scott

    After writing my own blog about the pains of being made redundant, I was directed to come and read yours….. how I feel your pain.

    I hope you’ve managed to find an even better job?


    • Hi Lisa,

      I did indeed. I now work as the digital communications manager for NBN Co. It’s an incredibly worthwhile and rewarding job and I’m damned happy.


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