The burger plea of special tastebuds

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While noticing parts of Masterchef last night – it was on the TV – I noticed the burger that Heston Blumenthal put together had no beetroot on it. Nor aioli.

I tweeted that Australians should realise this is how a burger should be. It shouldn’t have beetroot. My twitter feed was a flurry of pro and anti beetroot fans. It all went a bit mental. I seemed to have touched a part of the Australian psyche that many were attacking me and my attack on the beetroot. Even an MP got in on the act telling me that every good Aussie burger should have beetroot on it. Thankfully there were some beautiful people out there who came to my defence and said NO to Beetroot!

I guess I should have said before I posted that being a supertaster means I taste more than other others and beetroot’s on a burger bascially means it becomes totally overpowered by only one taste – that of the purple coloured monstrosity.

I enjoy a good burger. All of my friends will testify to that but I cannot stand a few things when I eat out.

1. Aioli. Listen you gourmet chefs out there beefburgers do not and should not ever have fucking have aioli on them. I’m sick of going into a restaurant or a pub and ordering a beefburger and it turning up with fucking aioli on it. Which brings me to point 2.

2. Menus where the chef has failed to list all the ingredients bar one and that one is usually aioli. So you get the burger and you have told them you don’t want beetroot or pickles and suddenly this burger appears slapped with tomato sauce on top and aioli on the bottom. WTF?!?

3. Beetroot. Keep it off the burger please.

4. Pickles. Not a fan but hey if it pleases most people fine I’ll just flip those suckers on to the side of the plate – please note you cannot do this with beetroot as the moment it gets slopped onto a burger it starts to spread like Eboli.

5. Chefs stop putting the parmigiana ON TOP OF THE CHIPS. Seriously. How the fuck am I supposed to cut the thing? If anything put the chips on top so I can eat them first THEN hit the Parma.

6. Pepper. Leave it out unless I request it or at least you ask me if I want it. Too many times have I been given pepper on a burger or whetever only for me to not eat the food. Not everyone like it so please have a care for us tongue disabled.

7. If you decide you want to spice up the food. Please put it on the menu. Too many times have I stumbled upon food with hidden chillis in it only to find that I cannot eat for hours afterwards.

8. Cripsy bacon should be crispy and not simply a wee bit hard at one end.

9. Thick bread is not good for French Toast. You should always use thin sliced bread. Thicker bread ends up being sopping and gooey.

10. Seriously drop the beetroot from the burger but get the bacon and egg in and the onion rings and ketchup or bbq sauce but never aioli or mayonnaise.

I should also point out that after making the comment about that Aussie burgers shouldn’t have beetroot I had a few people tell me that if I don’t like it then I should leave. This is a post I shall leave for another day but it’s a very interesting one about the amount of people in Australia that have said that to me when I complain about a tiny aspect of the country or culture.

Anyway, what’s on your perfect burger?

9 Responses to “The burger plea of special tastebuds”

  1. People told you to leave Australia just because you don’t like beetroot in burgers? Wha… that is one of the lamest things I’ve ever heard! God, some people are stupid, aren’t they?

    PS I like beetroot on my burgers. And aioli….

    • That’s ok. You are allowed to 🙂 I was just saying that I can’t stand the stuff.
      I get that a lot to be honest. It’s one of those weird things that I have stumbled upon a lot here. People tell you that (sometimes in all seriousness) when you mention little things about the country.

  2. I’ve been accused of being ‘unAustralian’ (there’s that word again) simply because I can’t stand Vegemite.
    For the record- beetroot is rubbish. Never got the appeal.

  3. Quality rant mate. Have ’em!! :o)

    I don’t mind beetroot with a salad but I don’t like it on a burger either – the beetroot juice makes the bun go soggy.

  4. I don’t like Beetroot on my burgers, but don’t mind ailoi. My partner on the other hand HATES mayo/ailoi with a passion, and like you gets very angry if it’s not listed on the menu, and you end up finding it on your burger without even the option for it’s removal.

  5. Once again top post.

    Beetroot on a burger is a big part of my childhood so i am all for having that purple taste smasher on there. I do understand how it gets to you tho.

    I really can’t believe that people told you to leave the country.That is just idiocy.

    More opinions please good sir!

  6. There is something sinister about purple food.I avoid at all costs!

  7. I’m with you against beetroot – but then again, I’m a bad example as I’m quite fussy and don’t have burgers with cheese on them. I couldn’t even eat it at all if a pickle touched it – the flavour has tainted it already, I’ll have something else.

    With the response of ‘just don’t go there anymore’ – well yeah – but the menu SHOULD always list all that’s in it. I’ve had to annoyingly go back after buying what I thought to be a regular egg/bacon muffin, and what….. RELISH? Guh. I didn’t ask for it, nor was it listed.. why should I pay for it? It shouldn’t be ‘assumed’ that you are getting more gourmet than what you actually requested. Ie, a BLT should be a BLT and not a BLCBT LOL 😛

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